Maestro Winner – Yolanda M. López & René Yañez.


San Francisco, CA

LAN presented Maestro Awards to long-time San Francisco Mission artists and residents, Yolanda M. López and René Yañez. René is an artist, curator and producer. Yolanda, a painter, printmaker, educator and film producer. Yolanda and René have both made huge contributions to the Chicano art world and the uniqueness and beauty that so many love about the Mission District of San Francisco. Both have been active role models and mentors to so many artists throughout the region and beyond, making a significant impact on the entire state. The LAN awards included $500 prizes to be used at their discretion. This award has proven timely as they were both issued Ells Act Evictions from their homes of more than 35 years and Rene is facing serious health issues. Yolanda and René were presented this honor by their son artist Rio Yañez, at a community action benefit event in their honor on October 26, 2013 at Brava! For Women in the Arts.

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