Maestro Winner – Roberta Martinez

Roberta Martinez

Latino Heritage
Pasadena, CA

In Pasadena, if you want to know about the Latino community, or the cultural heritage of that community, you seek out Roberta H. Martínez. She is the one who wrote the book, literally, and she has been a champion of diversity and participation for over 25 years. Roberta has served as Chair of the Arts and Culture, as well as the Library Commission, of the City of Pasadena. She also sits on the Pasadena Senior Center board. Roberta is the author of “Latinos in Pasadena, Images of Americas Series” by Arcadia Publishing. She writes regularly on her blog “A Pasadena Latina” She is the Executive Director of Latino Heritage an organization dedicated to promoting knowledge of Latino experience and history through arts and cultural programs in the San Gabriel Valley. Every year, Latino Heritage presents the annual parade and jamica, a project spearheaded by Roberta, which offers historical education by showcasing diverse and positive role models. Roberta was honored with a LAN Maestro Award in 2012.

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