Statistics & Information on Latino Arts in CA

The Latino Arts Network of California (LAN) was born out of a chain of cultural centers that linked the state. LAN is dedicated to strengthening and deepening the cooperative relationship among California’s Latino artists, arts organizations and the communities we serve.

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Latino Arts Throughout California

Latinos in California represent 17% of the overall Latino population in the United States, and Latinos in California represent nearly 40% of the total population within our state.

The majority of Latinos both nationally and statewide are young, and growing at a rate higher than any other census group in the country. As the demographics of our society continues to change dramatically, and despite the current climate of rising acrimony and hate being directed at Latino people in the United States, the future of the nation will be significantly impacted by this burgeoning population.

In California, young Latinos will become the majority of new voters by the year 2050. The Latino Arts Network of California believes that Arts and Culture are not only vital to the Latino community today, but that greater equity and access are key to a successful climate of growth, mutuality and representation in the future for all Californians.

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