PR Toolkit

The Latino Arts Network of California (LAN) was born out of a chain of cultural centers that linked the state. LAN is dedicated to strengthening and deepening the cooperative relationship among California’s Latino artists, arts organizations and the communities we serve.

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Latino Arts Network Communications Primer

The goal of this resource is to help you develop your communications strategy. It will also help you with other resources and outlets to enhance your capacity to tell your story. You must communicate to your audience who you are, what you do and why is it so important to join you in this journey. Communication is defined here, as how you are able to sustain a dialog with the public and let them know what is vital to your mission. Everything you do or don’t do communicates with your audience and the public, not to mention funders and the rest of the arts and culture field. To communicate is to use our language to tell your story. The Latino Arts field has an advantage because we can communicate in two languages to our stakeholders.

The LAN CVI CommunicationsToolkit was supported in part by the California Arts Council with additional support provided by Members of the Latino Arts Network of California.

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